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Epic Seven officially released its first new episode yesterday (June 13th), entitled “Episode 2: Godkiller”.  This update brings a new continent (Cidonia) to explore and adds a wealth of new content to the game. Within this update, the first two chapters of Episode 2 are available – Jerdun Borderlands and Crimson City Meldrec. The stories of Luluca and Khawazu take place here. More chapters and heroes will come in future updates. Khawazu is a Fire Elemental Warrior and has high utility thanks to his debuffs. Fallen Cecilia is a new Moonlight Hero, who is able to provide barriers to all allies.

Additionally, not only has the maximum account level been increased from 60 to 65 but it is also now easier to purchase higher level Equipment from the Secret Shop, allowing further enhancement of Heroes. World difficulty stages have also been moved from Adventure mode to the new Side Story “Unrecorded History,” enabling players to focus on the story in Adventure mode. Finally, the difficulty of Urgent Missions has been reduced while rewards have been increased, allowing players to make their Heroes even stronger.

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