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Epic Seven Releases Challenge Mode and New Hero ‘Vivian’

Epic Seven released a rework for its Challenge Mode yesterday, and also added a new hero, known as Vivian. Challenge Mode has been replaced with “Hall of Trials”, where players tackle weekly challenges and try to score as many points as possible. Depending on the score, players will be rewarded with a new currency, called “Books of Retribution”. These books can be used to purchase rewards, including Artifacts, and newly-added Exclusive Equipment. This gear can only be equipped to specific Heroes and grants them additional stats/skill enhancements. Yesterday’s update added Exclusive Equipment for Destina, Chloe, Rose, and Wanderer Silk, with others coming in the future.

Alongside the release of the Hall of Trials, the new Hero “Vivian” and her Side Story “An Uphill Battle” have been released. Vivian is an Earth elemental Mage capable of granting powerful buffs to all allies while also dealing damage to all enemies with her powerful AoE attack. In her Side Story, players can find out more about how she uses her talent and determination to fight against disdain and chaos as she adjusts to her role as citylord of Witchaven. In addition, the new Episode 2 region “Aakhen” was released.

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