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Elsword Wraps Up Character Reboot and Launches Two New Dungeons

With this last set of characters, Elsword‘s RE:BOOT series concludes, with Chung, Luciel, and Rose. Now all thirteen characters and their 40 Job Paths have been updated. These are adjusted for both PVE and PVP. All characters saw changes to attack types, evasion, skills, and traits, as well as received awesome new animations. To see all of the changes to the latest characters, simply click this link.┬áTo help players out, the Item Support Login event will provide some great support items, and the Hot Summer Burning Event provides highly sought after Weapon Enhancement Buffs.

There will also be summer boosts where players will receive up to +10 Weapon Enhancement Buffs for their weapons. You can find more details on the rewards and limited-time events planned in the link below. Players can also learn more about the Demon Realm, thanks to a pair of new dungeons that have arrived. The new dungeons are Trosh’s Nest and the Abandoned Icerite Planet Dungeons. With this, the El Search Party will dive deeper into the Demon Realm, and uncover more mysteries.

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