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Elsword Releases Spooky Graveyard Adventures

It’s time for Elsword‘s “Spooky Graveyard”, a special event dungeon just for Halloween. Today through October 31, players can collect Rusty Cemetary Keys to unlock the devilish dungeon!¬†Among zombies, mummies, and ghosts, players must find the vengeful hedgehog ghost possessing the dead in the graveyard and defeat him to receive Ghost’s Trace, an item that can be exchanged for various Halloween-themed prizes. Play to Win a selection of tasty treats! This special event dungeon has no combat and all characters are friendly; through observation, players must choose the one spirit that is acting slightly differently. If players correctly find the hedgehog spirit, they’ll progress to the next, more difficult wave.

The developers summarize the dungeon in this festive poem,

“The mostly ghostly and ghouls are hosting…
A boneyard blitz, a who’s who of events,
A special place where the dead come to life, but only one is possessed by the night
It will be that he who’s key that drops… the dead back into their dirt-nap box
May your strike be true, you only get one,
A hex and be charmed! We hope you have fun!”

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