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Elsword – RE:BOOT Volume 3 / Rigomor Dungeon Trailers

The third part of Elsword‘s major “RE:BOOT” update adds Aisha, Raven, Add, and Laby reworks to the game! Laby doesn’t get a new move for each Job Path however since she’s the latest character. In addition, we also see the new ominous Demon Realm Rigomor, which has arrived. A familiar gateway will lead the El Search Party to the Demon Realm. This weekend (August 17-18) will also have triple experience, unlimited stamina, and double the drop rate!

Players can also early daily, weekly and limited-time rewards during the Character Reboot Events, from today until August 27th. Special Amethysts can other mats can be used to refine the new end-game Amethystine Prophecy Armor Sets. The Reforged sets will have increased stats and Reforge effects, based on the Reforge Stage. More information on that can be found in this link.

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