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Elsword Official – RE:BOOT Volume 1

Elsword has an incredible update on the way, with the first volume of RE:BOOT. Every character, job path will feature New Attacks/Passive Skills and Evasion Skills. This ranges from base stat normalization to physical/magic attack specialization, and will also have several events around it to make this one of the biggest updates to Elsword yet. This series starts off focusing on Elsword, Rena and Eve. These changes will impact both PVE and PVP content, from adding new skills, and updating all of the 40 Job Paths.

Players level 10 and up can test out their new skills, pick up daily and weekly quests, and earn awesome rewards during the Character Reboot Event lasting until July 30. Do not miss out on these limited-time events this weekend! Level 10 and up players will receive 3x the experience and unlimited stamina on July 20. Drop rates will be doubled and stamina will be unlimited on July 21. More info can be found in the link below.

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