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Elsword Metal Heart & Optimus Rose Trailer

Elsword releases Rose’s 4th Class Path: Metal Heart and Optimus! Call Mecha down to the battlefield with Rose’s new abilities.

Taking tech to the Nth degree, Elsword’s Rose unleashes a battalion of bots, summons and ultimately a full blown attack mech onto the field of battle. As Metal Heart, Rose doesn’t only wield heavy robotic support. At level 15, Rose is given the opportunity to take on the role of Metal Heart. Beyond summoning her elite, Nasod inspired army of robo-attack apparatuses, as Metal Heart, Rose specializes in the use of the rapid fire, close-quarter auto guns and closing the distance with some brutal kicks.

For old school sci-fi and Anime fans, at level 35, Rose can advance the Metal Heart Job to Elsword’s ultimate bastion of all things sci-fi, Optimus.  From glowing discs of death, desdroid mechas and lock-on laser fire, Optimus keeps the opposition manned… err mek’d. However, once Optimus has the resources to activate the Hyperactive Skill ‘Mech Volt MX’. When activated, a battloid styled mech erupts onto the scene and rains down a salvo of lasers, missiles and brass upon the target hostiles, and then sticks around to protect Rose and lay down cover fire. Optimus brings to life a page straight from the mecha manga pages!

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