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Elsword Improves Quality of Life and Releases Elsword Insider Vol. 3

An important quality-of-life update launched onto Elsword Online today also released the next part of their informative video series, the Elsword Insider. Class Progression was changed in this update, as the 2nd Job and Transcendence quest will be easier than before, and the item drop rates have increased to 100%. Class Advance will also temporarily give Fetch Aura and Extended Quick Slots. There have also been additional secret and heroic dungeons added to help players gain power and access useful rewards. Potion Cooldown also decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, and the Max Stack for consumables also went up (100 to 300). New NPCs were added for profession items at all levels, and NPC craft requirements have been reduced. Food/Drink HP recovery also went up.

As far as gear goes, a second Equipment page was added, which adds room for costumes/gear, and the Equipment pages are also easier to navigate now. A maximum of 30 items can be dismantled, and up to 50 can be resold. The market board will also let you try on a piece of gear before you buy it! On the PVP front, character portraits will be greyed out when dead in PVP so party members will have a bit more awareness of their squad, and ZX command lists and new achievements are added to free training. Further patch notes can be found in the link below.

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