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Elsword Drabaki Raid VS KOG Games GMs

Elsword Drabaki Raid VS KOG Games GMs

Elsword unleashes the ultimate 12 man raid, Drabaki. DizzyPW joins up with the North American KOG Games GM Eevee squad to take back Ara’s home with the power of GM hack gear. Will they succeed?

Elsword offers expansive gameplay content following over four years of development time. The North American servers are closer than ever to matching 1:1 with the original Korean Servers as a recent push of content has brought some truly hardcore elements to challenge long time end-game grinders. Join an expansive manga storyline as one of an ever growing cast, each with story driven job paths that define you apart from other players. And for this month experience Evember as the game recognizes the three year anniversary of the Nasod Queen’s launch into Elsword. Join today!

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