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DizzyPW interviews GM Moshup about the 7th character in the North American version of Elsword, Ara Haan.

The young lady Ara of the Haan warrior family in Fluone’s Northern Empire is a skilled martial artist specializing in the spear. One day, her brother, Captain Aren Haan, unfortunately came upon the Dark El. Aren transformed into a demon and led other demons to attack and destroy his own village. He is hereafter known as the sinister Ran.

With most of her family now slain, the damsel tried to fight back, but the demons were much too powerful. Ara was near death when she finds an heirloom, a hairpin with the symbol of a sacred animal, from which a spirit arose to help her drive the demons away. It was the spirit of the nine-tailed fox named Eun. However, Ara and Eun were unable to keep them from taking the El from the village.

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