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Elsword Debuts Elsword Insider Video Series

KOG Games introduces a new video series on Elsword, entitled “Elsword Insider” to introduce new content and changes and to further explain the direction developers are taking. A way to explain exactly what’s going down in the game and what’s to come is a great idea, for newcomers and veterans alike to understand the thoughts and motivations behind the developers. Major changes take a lot of work to implement and have a serious impact on progression in the game, design and it can be a great deal of work. They want to get feedback from the players to improve their own designs and make changes that make sense. “We’re changing our culture”, says the Elsword crew.

Frank Kim, CEO of KOG Games says, “Once the content went live we thought a fun and educational tutorial was needed to show the change in development direction that we are taking. We have listened to our players’ requests as well as added many new features.”

This particular Elsword Insider focuses on:

Mentor Pupil System – A mutually beneficial system for both new and vet players with unique prizes like system exclusive quests, prizes, XP bonuses, achievements, and most importantly, Unlimited Stamina while partnered!

B-Slots and Additional Quickslots – The B-Slot is a second action bar that is needed to double the number of skills in a player’s hotkey/casting UI. In order to be competitive in PvP and effective in PvE, the B-Slot unlock is mandatory. Additional Quickslots are needed to casts potions and other Dungeon crawl essentials. However, until now, the only way to unlock these features was with Cash (K-Ching). Now, there are repeatable, in-game quests that unlock both features for free.

Tome of Amnesia – The vast majority of Combat Skills in a Character’s Skill Tree have “Traits” that can be applied to customize a player’s combat experience; letting players tailor the skills to their preferred combat style. If a player chose a Trait that didn’t work for them, a Tome of Amnesia was needed to remove the previously selected Trait. This Tome used to be a cash-only item. With the recent update, the Tome of Amnesia can now be crafted with materials found in-game for free.

Professions – Professions have been completely revamped to be made easier to use, streamlined and provide better bonuses and materials. Previously, if a player decided that they didn’t care for a particular Profession, the only way to change professions was a cash-only item ticket. With the recent update, players can use in-game currency to change their Profession for free (up to 3 times).

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