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The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium Anniversary Events Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online is celebrating the first anniversary of its Orsinium DLC with a special event that runs November 7-21.

Players can enjoy the following during the event:

  • Double the items received from crafting nodes in Wrothgar
  • Double rewards received from the chests in Maelstrom Arena for both Normal and Veteran difficulty levels
  • Double the number of reward boxes received by completing a daily delve or World Boss quest
  • The return of the original Orsinium Collector’s Bundle to the Crown Store at a substantial discount, featuring:
    • The Orsinium DLC Game pack
    • The Cave Bear mount
    • The Cave Bear Cub pet
    • Five Crown Experience Scrolls
  • 75% off Crown Store purchases of the Orsinium DLC Game Pack
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