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Durango: Wild Lands Launches Worldwide

Nexon and What! Studio is proud to announce the worldwide release for Durango: Wild Lands, which is available on mobile devices. This sandbox MMO has players exploring a vast primal world, ruled by dinosaurs. It is covered in vibrant, dynamic environments, and players will need to use their wits and resources to survive. The goal is to pioneer this land and thrive in it. After a spacetime distortion tears the players from present-day Earth, they find themselves in this mysterious land. There are plenty of biomes to explore, resources to acquire, and dinosaurs to tame.

The dangers of Durango: Wild Lands are best tackled with the help of friends, so many players may choose to form a clan and work together. Clans can coordinate to hunt the most powerful dinosaurs on Raid Islands and create shared sprawling villages. And coming soon, players will be able to engage in clan versus clan PvP battles for the right to conquer Savage Islands and grow their domain in the ever-expanding world of Durango: Wild Lands.

“Durango: Wild Lands offers players a huge amount of freedom to explore and grow in an expansive prehistoric game world in the palm of their hands,” said Tommy Lee, General Manager of NEXON M. “What! Studio has raised the bar for persistent open-world mobile games and we can’t wait to see how players work together and tame this massive, diverse and dangerous land of dinosaurs.”

“When we set out to create Durango: Wild Lands we wanted to build a fun and thrilling world with surprises around every corner and over the next hill,” said Eunseok Yi, Game Director of What! Studio. “This massive open world is alive and ready for players to establish their footprint, tame fearsome dinosaurs and evolve their characters and settlement together with their friends.”

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