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Dungeons & Dragons Online’s ‘Masterminds of Sharn’ Expansion Launches

Daybreak Games released a new expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online today, available on PC and Mac. Masterminds of Sharn will take players to one of the most iconic locations in the Eberron setting, Sharn. This expansion will offer 16 hand-crafted dungeons, a new raid, and a public area. A new wilderness area also arrives, as players delve into The Cogs, deep beneath Sharn. It has plenty of horrific creatures and paths to take, and only the bravest sure come out on top.  Masterminds of Sharn also adds guest Dungeon Masters, such as Campaign creator Keith Baker, and Maze Arcana’s Ruty Rutenberg and Kyle Vogt. This expansion is available in three editions, all featuring the new Tiefling race.

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