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Dungeon Hunter 5 Forsaken Sands Update Trailer

Dungeon Hunter 5 Forsaken Sands adds a new theme, events, mission and gear to the mobile RPG – available now on Android and iOS.

Enter the Forsaken Sands, A New World of Danger

  • Most who venture into the harsh and blazing wilds of the Forsaken Sands never return
  • 3 New Story missions:
    • Learn of the Ashakrdians, the Ashken Scrolls, and the Caelif people

Those Who Dare Are Rewarded: New Daily Events

  • New update exclusive events set in a treacherous Stronghold room designed by the most wicked Ashkardian builders
  • Overcome the traps, defeat the High Priest Garossus and get Forsaken Tickets

All-New Gear

  • Forsaken tickets will open a new chest with deadly gear
    • 3 new armors
    • 3 new weapons

Get The Most Treacherous Stronghold

  • Discover a new Stronghold layout and its traps, all evolvable 3 times
  • Win 4 new Minions, including the Lightning Colossus and Vulture Harpy

New Play Style: Auto Mode

  • Watch your character progress through any level based on your stats and equipped gear
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