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Dual Universe Launches New Supporter Packs, Lets Community Shape Universe

Dual Universe is getting set to open up their large-scale universe to new backers with the introduction of Supporter Packs. Their goal is to expand the succesful crowdfunding campaign (a community already surpassing 10,000 backers), and a link to this can be found below. Supporters will have the chance to share their feedback with Novaquark and weigh in on what’s next. In addition to the possibility of accessing the Pre-Alpha tests, Supporters will gain additional benefits like giftable Beta keys, cosmetic items, Dual Access Coupons (DAC), an in-game currency offering up to a year of monthly access to Dual Universe post-launch, and much more.  Players in the game have unprecedented freedom to build, trade and conquer thanks to Artificial Intelligence expert/founder of Novaquark, Jean-Christophe Baille. His innovative voxel engine allows players to physically modify the world around them. Digging tunnels, carving up a mountain, build wherever/whatever they desire. Whether you want a city, a shapeship, or a massive orbital station, at whichever scale the player desires. A wondrous universe is being shaped, and anything is possible. Novaquark wants their gamers to be at the center of this universe, from Pre-Alpha on.

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