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Dropzone is a highly competitive free to play sci-fi RTS developed by Gameforge 4D GmbH for PC set in the dawn of the 22nd Century. Humanity has become excessively dependent on Cores, an energy source discovered and mined from one of Jupiter’s moons, however humans aren’t the only ones seeking this new form of energy. The Kavash, a hostile alien race, have begun taking over Jupiter and are pushing humanity towards the brink of extinction.
This is where you come into play. You will act as a Core Hunter and command a squad of three pilots that each control their own battle-hardened rigs. Rigs can be of different types, the initial three being Tank, Mechanic, and Gunner. Tanks are the toughest of all rigs and move very slowly, Mechanics take on the role of a versatile supporting unit, and Gunners can dish out heavy damage, but they have relatively little armor to hide behind. By mixing and matching unit types you will be able to experiment with different strategies and figure out what works best for you.

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