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Dreadnought – First Look

Dreadnought is a multiplayer “aerial armada” game, a spaceship shooter featuring massive dreadnoughts and cruisers. The game offers five core ship classes: Dreadnought, Destroyer (Assault), Corvette (Scout), Artillery Cruiser (Sniper), and Tactical Cruiser (Support). Each ship offers unique skills and advantages in battle, and can be specialized to let players hone in on certain gamestyles.

Dreadnought pits players against one another in up to 5v5 shipto-ship battles across multiple game modes starting with classics like team deathmatch and a unique take on team elimination. Each captain must manage their own weapons and systems while coordinating with teammates to neutralize those of the enemy and complete the objective at hand. Bolstering the depth, balance, and scale of combat are the unique abilities and the squadrons of support fighters of each battleship on both sides.

Dreadnought’s going to stand out in all the best ways of the shooter community. It’s pretty hard to reinvent the wheel in the shooter world, but this is a game that has to be played to be believed. Every person I’ve talked that was a skeptic changed their tune as soon as they got into it. I’ve only seen a few of the stages, but the game is absolutely gorgeous… Read more at our beta impressions article here:

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