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Dragon Knights Online – First Look

Dragon Knights Online – First Look

The winner of the MMOHuts video producer contest and newest member of the video team, Flam3s takes us on a journey to the world of Latos in Dragon Knights Online (DK Online) from Aeria games. Dragon Knights thrusts players into a world under constant threat of the evil dragon Kharvag. Players can participate in large scale, guild versus guild PvP. Become an elected official, and dictate the direction of other officers. Transform into vicious creatures, taking on not only their form, but their powers as well!

Flam3s shows off the first few quests, the various systems, key differences and similarities with other MMOs, and a couple of neat looking enemies along the way.

Closed Beta has just shutdown on November 28th so be on the lookout for more information and details coming soon once the game is officially released.

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