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Dragomon Hunter – First Look

Dragomon Hunter is an MMO Action RPG developed by X-Legend and published by Aeira Games. Known as “Dragon Slayer” in Taiwan, players can enter an anime-inspired world to hunt and collect over 100 different monsters. Along with four different classes, pet companions and more, Dragomon Hunter paves the way as X-Legend’s greatest title.
Catch them all: Defeat and collect 100+ different Dragomon that roam the world.
Exploration: Explore a huge world on your quest for the ultimate hun
Mount up: Show off your hunting prowess by using defeated Dragomon as mounts
Crafting: Harvest materials from defeated Dragomon to craft weapons and equipment
Dragomon Hunter just recently transitioned from closed beta to open beta head over to the MMOHuts game profile for more information!
Want a shot at a founders pack? Check out our forum raffle for details on how to win HERE!

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