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My Dino Announces Open Beta Testing

Snail Games has announced details about their upcoming mobile Augmented Reality adventure, My Dino. There’s a Google Open Beta Test scheduled for late July, and the first test is planned only for Android devices in Canada. This will begin at Midnight on July 25th (PDT). My Dino will take advantage of AR & LBS to let players see dinosaurs with their own eyes, and have close interactions with these massive creatures that existed millions of years ago. The players phone will be the weapon that assists them in the hunting of dinosaurs and will build a base to house these gigantic creatures. The goal will to build an army to defend this base and take resources from rival clans, and through strategy, players can tackle endless invasions. The Google Open Beta Test version launching in this July will give players a chance to explore the game’s features before launch and provide feedback to help improve the game before its official launch.

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