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Devilian – Dev Preview PAX Prime 2015

Trion World game devs show us the first ten mins of Devilian their new action RPG (aRPG) styled MMO, with the same isometric view and hack’n’slash style made popular in the west by the Diablo franchise.

The game currently has four classes: the Evoker, the Shadow Hunter, the Cannoneer, and the Berserker. Each of these classes can be thought of more like a character, as seen in traditional action RPGs. Each is specifically locked to a gender and race, treated like an individual character with their own story. The Evoker (female) is a spell-slinger class, which has control abilities that include the ability to pull in enemies into a damaging vortex. The Shadow Hunter (male) is a whip-wielding badass that has a variety of stealth and throwing attacks. The Cannoneer (female) can lay traps, minefields, and lay down heavy AoE damage. The Berserker (male) wields two swords and serves as a fairly traditional plate warrior. Trion notes that the hope is to continue to add additional characters/classes in the future.

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