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Destiny 2 – Update 1.2.3 and Solstice of Heroes Event

The Destiny 2 update for July, 1.2.3 goes live today for all Destiny 2 players. 6v6 Quickplay for the Crucible is introduced, Iron Banner upgrades, some fine-tuning to the Exotic Armor, new Exotic Catalysts are all coming in this update. PRestige Raid Lairs, Vanguard, and Crucible Bounties are all being touched on in this update. The patch notes are listed below, but the biggest part arguably the event, Solstice of Heroes. It’s to celebrate the year since the Tower fell and the City were lost. Thousands of lives were lost, but the Light did not die. The Solstice of Heroes event begins on Tuesday, July 31st and you begin it with Ikora Rey at the Statue of Heroes. It will track your Moments of Triumph progress and grant Solstice of Heroes event armor that you will upgrade. At Power 340 and again at 400, the armor will upgrade. The Moments of Triumph will also be tracked on the Bungie website, and the final five Triumphs will be available at the beginning of the event.

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