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Decide Humanity’s Fate in Mech-Based CCG COSMO INVICTUS

Cosmo Invictus is a new sci-fi strategy CCG which heavily focuses on mech combat, coming to Steam Early Access on June 27th. The CCG is looking to bring tactical elements not found in traditional/online card games to life, in what UK developer Pegnio calls a “strategic CCG” because players must carefully position their mechs in formation to counter the enemy attacks. It will also feature customizable spaceships, unique pilots and random events that can alter the course of a battle one way or another. Your goal is to help your side win the war by attacking the opponent until their ship’s hit points reach zero, and there are two factions to choose from: Gaia Unity, an Earth-wide alliance, or the High Frontier Alliance. Each has its own ideals and unique cards (onboard weapons, mecha, events/pilots). Knowing when and where to strike is key, while also applying a proper defense against the other side’s army. Cosmo Invictus will also offer PVP Battle Arenas, or the ability to do battle against the AI in solo mode if that’s more your speed. You can also seek out challenges that offer profitable rewards if you should succeed.

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