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Dawn of Isles Launches On Android and Apple Devices

NetEase revealed today that their latest MMORPG, Dawn of Isles is now playable on the App Store and Google Play. To celebrate this, they are hosting a special crossover, including the popular mascot, Kumamon. Dawn of Isles brings a very DIY experience, with powerful elemental combos, and a fun cell-shaded animation style. It will be a traditional RPG, with character customization and questing, but also aims to innovate. The cute and powerful pets of Dawn of Isles are able to be captured, trained and evolved, and players can even dance with these pets in the Flower Circle, or ride on them as mounts.

Dawn of Isles also provides sandbox gameplay and a huge variety of game modes including a bunch of creative limited-time events.  It will be key for players to observe how the environment can interact with the elements to take full advantage of them in Dawn of Isles elemental combo system. The world of Isles is comprised of four basic elements: fire, water, earth, and wind. To experience the mysterious power of nature, players not only need to understand their own talents and skills but also discover more elemental combinations to up their game.

Announced at the fifth Annual Game “520 Game Enthusiasts’ Day” on May 20, the Dawn of Isles X KUMAMON Crossover Event will last for one month once the game releases with Kumamon, the popular Japanese black bear-like mascot featuring a prominent role. There are several Kumamon crossover events in Dawn of Isles – Hide and Seek, Greedy Glutton, Banana Frenzy and much more. These are only available during the crossover period, but players will have access to them after completing the Kumamon quest chain.

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