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Dauntless Announces New Platforms with Crossplay and More

Phoenix Labs has made some huge announcements for Dauntless at the Game Awards, featuring a new trailer also revealed on stage.

Dauntless will be launching free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in April 2019, when it will also launch on the Epic Games store. Later in 2019, Dauntless will arrive on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

These new platforms will bring Dauntless closer to its vision for “One Dauntless,” which will offer seamless cross-platform play, progression, and account management globally.

Dauntless has also confirmed its new major content update, Frostfall, has begun, introducing seasonal content and a new Behemoth, Valomyr.

The Dauntless Hunt Pass is also available for $10, which grants players new in-game activities and challenges that grant exclusive items, emotes, and cosmetics.

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