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Darkness Rises Celebrates First Anniversary with Sixth Character Class

Darkness Rises is a third-person ARPG from Nexon Mobile, that has since release been downloaded over 30 million times. They’re celebrating a year of fast and furious combat on mobile, by introducing a new class in this latest update: The Witch. The Witch class is a hybrid class, blending magic and melee together, and she’s just as proficient with her blade, as she is with her magical powers. But in addition to her, there’s a revamped Camp System, where players have more options than ever as they gear up between battles. They’ll need it because there’s a mighty new boss awaiting, the next of the legendary Four Guardians. They are among the most difficult challenges in Darkness Rises and are based on mythical Chinese guardians of the four cardinal directions.

While the anniversary of Darkness Rises brings plenty of permanent upgrades, it will also host limited time events celebrating the community and special occasion. The Adventure Shop has special sales, and a new Journey Event is the perfect chance for players to harness the power of the Witch for limited-time rewards. Last but not least, a huge Mission Event that specifically focuses on the one year anniversary of the game will offer players the perfect way to celebrate and earn prizes.

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