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Crusaders of Light Launches ‘Shadows of Sardar’, Their Largest Update Yet

Crusaders of Light has launched their biggest update yet, with ‘Shadows of Sardar’, which offers a level cap increase and much more. Players can now go up to level 55 when their server completes some of the most challenging content currently in game. Once they have done this, players will be able to go move towards this level cap, and also increase the potency of their legendary equipment. A new zone also comes, which increases the game world by 33%, the Sardar Highlands. Lots of new areas come in this, such as the regal Karanvale city.  There is also a new raid, Core of Crystal Rock which allows seven to ten players to explore the crystalline caverns, and a new difficulty level comes in “Mystica” level.  There are also more skills! Character skills now increase from three to ten, and two new skills are added to each class, which will allow significantly more customization for character builds.

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