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Crusaders of Light brings new class in ‘Arrival of the Paladin’

The biggest update yet for Crusaders of Light has arrived for both mobile and Facebook Gameroom in “Arrival of the Paladin”!  The fourth class, Paladin is here, a holy warrior capable of healing their teammates and taking the brunt of the damage for them!  An armored warrior wielding a longsword and holy powers, they are not to be trifled with. They’ve arrived, and at level 20 they can go one of three paths: The Templar, Paladin of Dawn, and Paladin of Daylight, each with their own special abilities. This will not change their calling to defend the faithful and their allies at all costs. The update also introduces two new Heroic bosses, a new system that offers a whole new means of progressing your character’s power, and a reworked questing system that allows for more open world exploration. This rollout represents the biggest content update to date for players of Crusaders of Light! Increased difficulty is also coming to Burning Skyblaze Village raid, with the added hurdle of banding together and defeating the two new bosses. However, players will be rewarded with an increase in the legendary/divine gear level caps, allowing them to soar to greater heights of power.

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