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Crossout: Update 0.10.50, Sandy Gulf Location and Contagion Story

The latest update to Crossout is 0.10.50, and with it comes a new map, in “Sandy Gulf”. Sandy Gulf is playable in the rotating “Mission” Mode, and battles on this map use the “Assault” scenario. A massive container ship, split in half and seemingly rusting for centuries, is the centerpiece of the new Sandy Gulf map for PvP encounters. In addition, there is a new “Adventure” Mode campaign, known as Contagion. This mission is replayable, as long as the party leader has yet to complete it. This update also features a number of important balance changes to structural parts and weapons. Players can also look forward to UI changes and much more. These updates can be found in the link below.

This update also includes a special brawl event dedicated to Victory in Europe day. In ‘Spring Mayhem’, players will fight in  a unique tracked vehicle, the ‘Risen’, which is a homage to the famous T-34 tank of the WWII-era. It features a single ballistic cannon – something quite unusual in the modern world of Crossout – but has otherwise seen various adaptations making it blend in well with the visual style of a post-apocalyptic earth. Winners of the brawl will receive various bonuses, including exclusive decorations for their vehicles. Spring Mayhem is available from April 30th until May 13th on PC, and May 8th through May 22nd on console.

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