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Crossout Releases 7th Faction Today

Update 0.9.0 for Crossout is here, and with it comes a new faction in the form of the Firestarters. Players using Firestarter vehicle parts can transform any battlefield into a scorched wasteland: Incendiary bombs, a kamikaze cabin, and a “meat grinder turned wheels” are only some of the new parts available now. This update is out on PC today and will arrive on consoles next week. One of the hottest innovations of Update 0.9.0 is the ‘Incinerator’, a crude catapult launching gasoline-filled projectiles that set entire areas ablaze. Thus, if you see a neatly stacked pack of Jerrycans flying your way, make sure you hit the gas before it hits you. Also new is the ‘Fortune’ launcher, firing burning wheels in bursts of three that roll towards unfortunate enemies detonating on contact. And for the tactical arsonist, the new ‘Draco’ flamethrower deals direct damage, leaving enemy vehicles red hot and causing them to take double damage from any kind of weaponry. The Firestarters also have very impressive machinery, such as the ‘Meat Grinder’ blades are attached to vehicle chassis, as you would a pair of wheels. It lets the vehicle to move at equal speed in any direction, and also strafe sideways. They also deal damage on contact, and ideal when combined with weapons like the ‘Harpoon’ gun, which pierces other vehicles to prevent them from fleeing.

Other changes to Crossout include an increased maximum battle time in PvP from 3 to 5 minutes for players that have achieved level 10. Additionally, the time required to capture objectives was increased by 50%, giving players the chance to apply more tactically diverse solutions in combat and fully use all the varying capabilities of their vehicles.

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