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Crossout Outlines 0.10.70 Update – Wasteland Cup

A new update is hitting Crossout, and with it comes a return of the popular Steel Championship! It will also have a host of new rewards to unlock, which should be a fun time. There are no solo matches in the Steel Championship, just teamwork and victory (or defeat). In the Steel Championship, players are equipped with special vehicles armed with harpoon guns. Those guns can be used to catch, drag and hurl a massive steel ball towards the other team’s goal. Players will tackle 3v3 matches, that last five minutes. Most goals scored wins. If there is a tie, Overtime will be instituted. There is also a leaderboard to climb, with wins gaining points and losses losing points. For the duration of the Steel Championship, players can purchase the “Third Time” pack including the armored “Fan Van” and unique football-themed decorations for it.  The event will last until August 14.

A new map also comes in this update, “Crater”. A crater that is roughly 500 miles in diameter has a space shuttle that crashed in the center of it. It’s uncertain (but unlikely) that it is the cause of the crater, but there is also a capture point inside this map. There were updates and changes to other maps as well. Players can also look forward to some reworked mechanics that ultimately affected the first experience/tutorials for new players. This patch is absolutely huge, so please go and read the patch notes in the link.

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