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Creativerse – First Look

Creativerse is a sandbox adventure game set in a beautiful yet trecherous world shrouded in mystery. Adventure solo or bring your friends, unearth secrets, and tame the land together!

What sets Creativerse apart from other voxel sandbox games?

(Answered by the Creative Director)

“The game is in a very early stage right now, so right now it’s just got the basics of adventuring, crafting, and building. The key is what it is going to become over the next several months. We’ve got a lot planned that will take it way beyond the traditional sandbox voxel game, and we’re looking to roll those updates out to an active base of players who can help us fine tune things with their valuable feedback. In reality, we are just huge voxel game fanboys/girls and we want to try and create the ultimate version of this kind of game.”

Why are you charging for early access?

“We want to be clear that Creativerse will be a free-to-play game when it officially launches. The cost right now is simply for the opportunity to play the game in its alpha state and helping us shape its destiny with your feedback.”

“As a bonus, we’re giving early access players $20 worth of in game currency immediately when they log into the game. Then when we officially launch we’ll give them another $20 worth of currency, paying them twice, in effect. We’re also considering making some one-time-only recipes that only early access players will be able to get…stay tuned for more details.”

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