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Core Games: Epic Games Exclusive Early Access Begins

via press release

Manticore Games’ platform Core™, an endless arcade of high-quality, user-built games and worlds, today launched in Early Access exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Core, which has been in Alpha for the past year, already offers more than 20,000 free playable games in every genre imaginable, with 200 new or updated games added daily. Core is also a free game creation platform that makes it possible for anyone to make and publish multiplayer-ready experiences.

“Core’s games showcase what’s possible when the power of creation is made accessible to anyone,” said Jordan Maynard, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder at Manticore Games. “We built Core to open gaming to a new wave of creators from all backgrounds. That new generation is already publishing amazing experiences that rival those of big studios or that big studios wouldn’t even think of making.”

Players and creators can learn more about Core and its Multiverse of games to play and worlds to explore today during the Core Games Showcase, a special launch event hosted by The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley, featuring several of Core’s top games and creators, as well as special guest appearances by benjyfishy, H2O Delirious, FemSteph and more. Fans can watch the show live on Twitch (The Game Awards) starting at 10:00 a.m. PDT / 7:00 p.m. CEST or see it on-demand on YouTube (Core Games).

To celebrate Core’s launch on the Epic Games Store, Manticore is offering exclusive heroes and mounts for a limited time when players create an account or log into an existing account and link it to the Epic Game Store.

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