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Conquer the World of Bless Online as Early Access Begins

Starting yesterday (May 28th), the Early Access phase of Bless Online officially began! Founders have a two-day headstart along with other benefits and items for being the first players to enter the anticipated Western release of Bless Online. Bless Online is buy-to-play, but does not have a required subscription, only an optional one. Neowiz Bless Studio is committed to making additional content free of charge for all players, supporting the game through optional cosmetic items, an optional subscription service (which adds XP Boost sand exclusive costumes to the player’s account), as wella s bonus items like costume/weapons skins which can be bought with a currency called Lumena. This currency can also be earned simply by playing the game. A breakdown of the Founder’s Packs is below. The game begins tomorrow for non-Founders.

“It has been an incredibly long journey for all of us making Bless,” Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer of Neowiz Bless Studio. “Bless has always been a labor of love, and with the Steam version of our game, we think we’ve created the best possible Bless Online experience for players. But today is only the beginning. We have loads of new content in the works, including new classes, new dungeons, new PVP scenarios, and more. We cannot wait to show you all everything there is to this massive fantasy world.”

Bless Online Fo under's Packs

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