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Combat Arms Super Soldier Mode Trailer

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our Combat Arms Page.

The July update is out and brings many new features to Nexon’s tactical MMOFPS Combat Arms. Among the changes are the addition of a new casual server with altered game rules. Hit boxes and bigger, and recoil is reduced. New players and veterans alike can fight on a more even playing field while enjoying a new game mode, Super Soldier. In a Super Soldier game, players will run across boxes scattered across the map which contain power-ups. These power-ups come in many forms and provide temporary buffs like increased attack speed, invulnerability, or speed. The patch brought other new features like a new map and some Independence Day events. The free to play MMOFPS genre is a crowded place with games like Alliance of Valiant Arms, WolfTeam, Cross Fire, and many others to chose from. Nexon’s continued support for Combat Arms help it stand out. You can read the whole patch note in our news section, or simply watch this video trailer that highlights all the new content. To learn more about Combat Arms check out the official MMOHuts Combat Arms page which includes more information, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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