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Colt Plays Warframe! [2/1/2017]

Colt Plays Warframe, as requested by viewers. For today’s stream, I continued to work my way through Venus missions. This is still only my fourth or fifth session with the game but it’s coming quickly. Today we did some more wave defense missions and a few hostage rescues as well. This stream also showcases some modding tips from our high-level viewers. If you’re new, you’ll definitely want to check this out as they explain how polarities work and which mods are best for certain frames. We started working on a build that focuses on max health and power. Inaros’ ability to consume enemies for health and his overall beefiness play nicely into this role. I feel like the game would be a lot more challenging without viewers who are level-capped in my squad, but I really enjoy playing with them. If you’d like to download Warframe and join our squad, check out this link. If you want to see more about the game before you decide to jump in, you can likewise click here.

I want to give a huge shoutout to the players who joined my squad today: CharlieTheGunner, DesuTronic, Leo7531, RedEyedZero, SlaynPray, theimmortalone24, and all of the people who came out to watch us dunk on aliens. Doubly want to mention RedEyedZero and DavidRyuk who hooked me up with mods and a weapon and taught me more about how mods work so I can make better builds going forward. You guys are amazing.

My streaming schedule is Monday through Friday at 230 PM Eastern. I rotate through a list of games which is mostly viewer-suggested. If you want to see me play something, drop us a line in the comments here or on our YouTube channel here¬†and we’ll work it in. I also really like to play with our viewers so make sure you subscribe so you can be a part of our growing community!

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