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Colt Plays Gigantic! [2/6/2017]

Colt Plays Gigantic, as requested by viewers! I really enjoyed getting back into Gigantic. Unfortunately, I let my viewers pick who I played and they managed to choose characters I had never tried! Needless to say, I got stomped pretty hard. Even though I didn’t do so well, I had a blast. Tripp is a ton of fun to play and does insane damage. Staying with people and damaging them with her attacks can be tricky until you get slows and her stun down. I managed to pull off a few sick long range headshot as well which are worth checking out.

For more news and information about Gigantic, check out our Gigantic Profile page.┬áIf you’re wanting to download Gigantic, you’ll have to do it from a Windows 10 PC by accessing the Windows 10 app store. Older versions of Windows will be able to play the game at some point, but it won’t be until the Arc launcher version comes out of Closed Beta.

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