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Colt Plays Black Desert Online: First Time Play! [6/2/17]

For today’s livestream over on our YouTube channel, I decided to try Black Desert Online. I had never played it before. This turned into quite the experience. The character creation tools on offer here are some of the best I’ve seen in a video game, MMORPG or not. I was really looking forward to trying the combat system too, because it is very different from other MMOs on the market. Black Desert Online plays a lot like a fighting game or an action RPG in the vein of The Witcher 3 or Dark Souls. Every single action feels powerful and useful. There are a ton of combos that allow for you to fight enemies however you like within the confines of each class. Visually I found the game to be stunning as well. The game avoids the normal tedium of MMOs by having a spirit follow you that gives you a lot of your early quests giving you a bit more freedom to explore. It certainly beats trotting around singular quest hubs as is tradition in MMORPGs. To make a long story short, I’m having a ton of fun with BDO. I look forward to streaming it again soon. For a one time fee of $10 USD it’s well worth it to get into this game. For the life of me, I could not remember who requested that I play this game, but I know it has come up in the stream chat before.

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