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Closers’ Latest Character, Luna Has Arrived

Luna, member of the Wildhüters and proud Shieldmaiden is the latest character to join the Closers cast as of today. Her blend of offensive and defensive capabilities are now available for all players to give her a try, and that’s only the beginning. There are, of course, December events and specials to be aware of, such as Event Stage Madness. This lets players check out a different stage from 2018 every day of the week.  Should someone have missed a number of events throughout the year, this can help see them for the first time, or just let players try some old favorite stages again.

The Winter Preparation Event will run from November 26th until December 19th, and lets players receive rewards for logging in for 15 days. During Weekend Play Time, (November 26th to December 19th) players can earn even more items simply for playing the game. There are rewards handed out at various “milestones” during weekend gaming hours. Earn an item for logging in, at the 30, 60, 90- and 120-minute marks too! This ends on December 20th, so players should get in there and get fighting now.

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