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Players in Europe and Turkey can enter into the first CBT for RIKOR IMT’s online PC shooter, CityBattle | Virtual Earth EU starting today. The game has been localized in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Turkish. In CityBattle | Virtual Earth EU players will do battle with complex military robots for dominion of the Earth, in an alternate reality. These robots have a variety of classes, subclasses, and special abilities, to use tactically in battle.

These battles will be fought across several maps and game modes, from casual to more serious map dominance. Players will be able to select a city to settle in, from Marseille, Beijing, New York or Moscow. Players merely need to find their city on the map of Virtual Earth and join their Army. There are thousands of cities on this map. Cities with strong armies can control more Techno Parks, pay their pilots better, and develop science and architecture. With seven base classes and over 70 subclasses, there is no shortage of ways to play the game. A player’s Assault level will automatically spread across to the others, so there is no need to level a class independently.


  • Assault : The Assault controls the battle from above while flying with its jet thrust and bombing enemies
  • Bomber: Uses smart weapons to attack the enemies while using its stealth capabilities.
  • Guard: strong armor and power shield keep him alive while tanking enemy damage
  • Tech: A support class that works as a healer and can teleport within the map.
  • Sniper: Ranged deathly attacks and invisibility are its weapons
  • Firebug: a tank robot with a flamethrower ready to command the frontline
  • Saboteur: a damager with deathly weapons and scanning skills

City Management is also important, and the cities of Virtual Earth are governed by their residents. Players will seek to win elections in their virtual city to become Mayor. As Mayor, they control the budget, salaries, form alliances and declare wars. You will also need Ministers of War, Culture, and City Planning. Those interested in pre-registering/signing up can do  so below.

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