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Circuit Superstars Announcement Trailer E3 2019

The Square Enix Collective announced a new game in their lineup during E3 2019 – Circuit Superstars, which is a unique racing game. It will launch in 2020 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Circuit Superstars will combine arcade-style racing with a more realistic driving model, that will let players jump in and race, but also provides a higher skill-ceiling for those seeking it. Rallies, GT, Classic Cars, and even trucks are some of the race types players will be able to enjoy.

Original Fire Games is a six-person team, originally started by three siblings from Mexico (Carolina, Carlos, and Alberto Mastretta). Together they have a combined total of 14 years in game development, as well as more than 15 accumulated years of real motor racing experience – and it’s this experience they’ve drawn from to make an accessible game with a realistic edge.

“Over the last three decades we have seen a fascinating evolution of racing games,” says Carolina Mastretta, Director & Producer at Original Fire Games. “And these days, we can drive almost any type of car on amazing recreations of the best tracks in the world. However, we believe it’s time to try something different, and we want to do this by reviving a style that pioneered the racing genre decades ago.”

Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix (and avid racing fan) is excited to be bringing Original Fire’s debut game onboard. “Here at Square Enix Collective, we’ve been hoping to find a great racing game for some time – and we’re so happy to be working on Circuit Superstars. It’s one of those rare games that has charm and style, but also an edge to the handling that makes you strive to get better with each lap you drive.”

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