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Chess Rush Adds New Modes, Guild System and More

The September update for Chess Rush is a pretty massive one, that adds new modes and guild systems to the game. For players looking for something less competitive can try out a new casual mode, “Treasure Raiders”. In this mode, players will have strategic PVE gameplay to try. Winning a round gives players a magic die they can use to choose from three rewards. If the player does not win, they’ll still receive a reward, but cannot choose.

Chess Rush fans will also be able to better connect with their friends with the introduction of the Guild System. Players will be able to create and join guilds, complete daily as well as weekly guild quests such as simply signing in or participating in team matches for rewards. layers will also be able to unlock additional slots on their friend’s list. For every level a player gains, they will unlock an additional 10 slots on their friend’s list up to a maximum of 500.

If that’s not enough, a new Hero has also arrived, Headreaper. Headreaper will be replacing Totemface in the hero pool. He is a fierce Goblin assassin, his special is the “Death from Above” ability. When activated, he uses his hook to leave the battlefield and dives back down to strike. If his victim is below 30% health, the attack will cause triple damage. When Headreaper successfully lands a fatal blow and his target is defeated 80% of the cooldown and mana from his “Death from Above” ability will be returned. There are other new features added, such as a character stats screen, so a player can easily view a hero’s stats by tapping the hero, and also check out the new hero quiz.

Players can also test their skills in the new Gurrul’s Trial which will task players with recruiting specific heroes as well as activating combos within a match. For players looking to sit back and watch their friends take on opponents, Tencent Games has also introduced the new Observation Mode which will allow players to spectate matches.

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