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Causa: Voices Of The Dusk Is an Upcoming CCG from Niebla Games

Chilean developer Niebla Games teased their upcoming CCG that is in development for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. NIebla Games also revealed that there will be crossplay. Causa: Voices of the Dusk is their upcoming CCG, that will be entering Closed Beta in May 2019. Signups can be found in the link below. Causa: Voices of the Dusk is set in a fantasy world where players control powerful leaders who want to make their factions ideals prosper. Players will be able to play in the Duel or Story modes, and Causa will also have multiple ways to win. Causa: Voices of the Dusk will offer a variety of strategies and gameplay styles for CCG fans, as well as unique mechanics.

Causa: Voices of the Dusk Main Features

  • Original gameplay with unique mechanics
  • Different paths to victory
  • Pledge allegiance or build your own strategy
  • Collect Leaders, cards, gameplay backgrounds and more
  • Explore a vast narrative world in Story Mode
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