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Castle Burn is a Mobile Strategy Game from Bluehole PNIX

Bluehole PNIX announced today that their mobile strategy game, Castle Burn is now live on both iOS and Android devices. Castle Burn is a head-to-head real-time mobile strategy game set in a magical world of fantasy. Players will be charged with deploying buildings and card-based units to lead their forces to victory and burn down their opponent’s castle. These matches will happen in real-time to act and counteract their opponents’ moves, attacking the other castle while protecting their own. It will be up to players to launch units, towers, and spells from their deck, and building camps/mana sanctums to fuel their efforts. Powerful individual heroes are tied to these decks, tier-based cards for these units, towers and spells. Any card stored in their Master Deck can be put into play, and the castle levels up and more tiers become available, as cards are played, with three castle levels and six cards available during the match.

The fog of war over the battlefield adds to the tactical play, allowing units to be used as scouts before setting up a successful strike. The Hero can turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor, as each Hero possesses unique skills that increase in strength each time their castle is upgraded. Heroes are especially powerful when used in conjunction with other complementary units—and the same squad strategy can be used with ordinary units as each is strong and weak versus different types of units and tower.

Game Features

  • Over 50 Heroes: Collect, Deploy, and Upgrade a pantheon of powerful characters with personality
  • Buildings, Units & Resources: The three key pillars of RTS play are presented in a streamlined manner that provides more options with less clicking
  • Simple Choices, Complex Outcomes: Where and when you build, what unit combos you assemble, and how you use your Hero and his or her special attack are all key factors
  • Ranked Play: Win ranked matches to advance to higher leagues, obtaining Crown Points, new cards, and maps as you go!
  • Multiple Modes: Play the main PvP mode in both Ranked and casual play (where you won’t lose any Crown Points) as well as single player training and challenge modes
  • Battle Replays: Watch your most recent matches to study opponent strategies and come up with ideas for your next battle, as well as reviewing results in the Battle Records menu

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