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Caravan Stories is a free-to-play anime-inspired MMORPG, and it’s coming to America on July 23rd, 2019. Ahead of that, an open beta will be available on July 16th, 2019. A mysterious gate of darkness, known as the Enigma manifested above Iyarr’s peaceful lands, and from it flooded evil and chaos. The once-tranquil land is shrouded in shadow, and it’s up to the heroes of Iyarr to save the world from its now-grim fate, in a story packed with emotion, memorable characters, and intrigue between kingdoms.

As the sun falls in Iyarr, new creatures begin to roam and threaten the party, and when day breaks, other creatures will join the battle instead, which requires new approaches and strategies to dealing with monsters. The time flow system will influence this dynamic world, where stories can unfurl at any moment. Up to six creatures and allies can band together, combining their skills and specialties to deal with whatever monsters and demons come their way. This is combined with a gorgeous watercolor art style and gorgeous soundtrack.

Caravan Stories will be at RTX in Austin, Texas July 5 -7 at the Austin Convention Center in booth #405.

“Bringing Caravan Stories to PlayStation 4 in North America will mark the beginning of many new stories,” said Masahiko Takeuchi, Director of Caravan Stories for PS4. “We can’t wait to hand the ink quill to our players and witness the tales they will write. The feedback, passion, and experiences of new adventurers will help us make and improve Caravan Stories for years to come. We are honored to welcome you to Iyarr.”

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