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Bullet Hell goes Mobile in Treasure Raiders

Treasure Raiders is a mobile title from Oasis Games that combines that brings Bullet Hell action to the mobile scene. Combining top-down shooters with action RPGs, platformers, and bullet hell, it boasts a unique and exciting experience.¬†The game’s themes of ruthless treasure hunting and zany humor engage players in a deeply immersive, character-driven plot, while the original shooting mechanics will test their combat skills to the limit. Mysterious ancient tombs, eerie old castles, laboratories filled with traps and much more. Treasure Raiders eliminates the need for dimensional aiming and dodging, and¬†instead making players use three operations: Shooting, shooting while moving, and moving. There are PVE and PVP modes to enter as well, and the PVP is either 1v1 ranked, and 4v4 with a goal to destroy the enemy base.

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