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Brown Dust Welcomes ‘The Iron Ladies’ And Announces Tournament Mode

Brown Dust is celebrating two million downloads with a huge new update for both the iOS and Android releases of the game. With this update, a new Tournament Mode arrives, which has the top 128 players on each server to compete in a monthly tournament, that will ultimately crown a new Champion, and gives rewards to all who participate. Even if you can’t make the top 128, you can still gain rewards by cheering on your favorite players too, as up to five free Premium Scrolls are given to players whose chosen favorites advance to the top 16. The winner receives a cache of Diamonds, as well as unique tickets that let them purchase unique costumes only available to participants.

In addition, three new Mercenaries, dubbed “The Iron Ladies”, are none other than Wilhelmina, Laura, and Charlotte – a ★5 Warrior, ★5 Support, and a ★4 Magician. With powerful single-target attacks that ignore enemy defense, and a high crit rate buff, Wilhelmina is a deadly melee warrior. Meanwhile, your army is sure to outlast the opponent with the crafty support skills of Laura, who can increase your units ATK and Crit Damage while also imbuing them with a shield that shocks would-be attackers.  And of course, let’s not forget Charlotte who can attack in a broad area with Curse, Healing Prohibition, and Burn.

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