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Brown Dust Launches Huge ‘Companion Update’

Brown Dust has a huge update releasing today, with its Companion update. It’s also the largest content drop since the initial launch. The new Companion units are bonded to a unique Mercenary and are also obtainable through recruitment methods already familiar to players. Companion units increase the Skill Level Cap of their counterpart from +10 to +15, and as they grow in power, and change appearance, their lore and backstory also become available.  Utilizing the accompanying Fate system, players will be able to obtain the initial Companion for each Mercenary without utilizing Scrolls or Diamonds.

“One of Brown Dust’s biggest strengths is in its huge cast of interesting Mercenaries,” said Sean Kim, Game Director for Brown Dust. “Our goal with the Companion system is to take that even further by giving players new ways to improve their Mercenaries and take the strength of their armies to all new heights. Even lesser used Mercenaries will receive Companions, affecting their formation viability, as well as initiating a shift to the overall meta for our Captains to master.”

In addition, Neowiz also stated they listened to player feedback, and are increasing the pull rates for Mercenaries and Companions with an ever-increasing amount of Mercenaries and Companions being added regularly. The struggle will decrease significantly, and Chance-Up Banners also guarantee a Five-Star Companion, following a predetermined number of attempts.

During the months of July and August, players completing Event Missions can exchange collected materials for up to three Companions, as well as receive log-in rewards, including a free ★5 Mercenary. What’s more, beginning July 18th, in order to mark Brown Dust’s 500th day since launching in Japan (or since the Global launch), players on any server can log-in to receive a ★5 Random Mercenary, Diamonds, and more. A special 500th Day Package, granting a ★5 Skill Book, Premium Scrolls, Honor Points, Red Slimes, and more, will be available in the Diamond store from July 17-30th.

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