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Breach announced today that they will be hosting an Alpha Test weekend, beginning on January 4th, and ending on January 6th. Alongside that news, is the preview of another of the arcane character classes, the Elementalist. Instead of using dark or mystical arts to do battle with the Void, the Elementalist wields the power of the Earth itself to bring down their foes. The Elementalist is a member of an Arcane school of magic that channels nature to do battle.

Whether they use fire, wind, water or ice to damage their enemies or blast them with shockwaves with the “Quake” power, their abilities are not to be sneezed at. Summoning meteors, dealing elemental damage, creating Aqueous Globes to protect their allies – it’s just another day for the Elementalist. Interested parties can click the link below to pre-order Breach, starting at 24.99, and these packages can include Steam Early Access, unique in-game items, and much more.

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